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The PicoWay has the highest peak power and shortest pulse duration by 40% of any other laser in its class. As a result, you have to undergo fewer laser treatments.

PicoWay is an FDA-cleared picosecond laser that treats not only tattoos, but also acne scars, wrinkles, benign pigmented lesions and dark spots. This laser first became known for its tattoo and pigment removal capabilities, but it is now growing in use for acne scars and wrinkles. The PicoWay has the shortest pulse duration of any available picosecond laser for aesthetic use. It offers effective treatments with low to no downtime following treatment.

does it hurt?

Our laser is designed for maximum comfort during treatment. Pain during treatment is very tolerable. Most patients describe the feeling as similar to a rubber band snapping the skin with a slight but bearable sensation following.

how much?

The treatment cost for tattoo removal depends on the size and color(s) of the tattoo being treated. If you would like to get a rough estimate you’re always welcome to give us a call. For a more accurate quote, send us a picture of your tattoo next to a ruler for measurement.

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Most lasers have increased difficulty with removing color tattoos, especially those with green and blue ink. The PicoWay is designed for the removal of any color tattoo and excels in removing typically difficult colors in comparison to other lasers.

different types of tattoos

Professional: These types of tattoos are done at tattoo shops and have a high density of ink. Also these professional artists drive the ink a lot deeper than amateurs do. Laser tattoo removal for these types of tattoos usually take the most sessions.

Amateur: Tattoo Removal on amateur tattoos is easier to remove. The treatment for these types of tattoos will require less sessions. This is because the ink is less dense or saturated than professional tattoos and is usually not as deep.

Medicinal: Medicinal tattoos are used to mark sites on the body where either surgery or medical treatment is being performed. These usually have very minimal ink taking only about 1-2 sessions to remove.

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