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Laser Hair Removal

Ever Think About Never Having to Shave, Tweeze, or Wax Again? Say Hello to Lasers and Goodbye Razors!

Lasers have been used for many years for a variety of medical cosmetic procedures, but the most
popular by far is laser hair removal. The GentleLASE system, a revolutionary long-pulse, high-energy alexandrite laser, emits a gentle beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle, where it is absorbed. The laser energy is transformed into heat, which destroys the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. With the GentleYAG system, a laser beam bypasses the surface of the skin, avoiding surface melanin of the darker skinned patient. Absorption of the laser energy takes place at the base of the hair where it is disabled permanently.

Laser Hair Removal offers a lasting solution for unwanted hair.  It emits a gentle beam of light that passes through the skin, to the hair follicle, where it is absorbed.  Upon absorption, the energy is transformed into heat, which will disable the follicle, while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

The laser targets the hair follicle without disrupting the skin's surface to remove hair on any part of the body for smooth softer looking skin. The energy directed from the lasers hand piece is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, the generated heat energy is designed to destroy the hair follicle so it cannot grow back.

  • The most common areas for women are the upper lip, chin, underarms and bikini line.
  • Men desire hair removal on the back, shoulders, chest and back of neck.
  • We do arms, legs, toes, ears and more! We can treat any area with the exception of the areas around the eyes.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Try to shave 24 hours before your appointment for best comfort during your laser hair removal treatment.

During laser hair removal, our experts will place the handpiece on the point of treatment. While
these lasers are in use both you and the operator will be wearing protective eyewear to protect
from the intense light.

During this step of laser hair removal, the beam of light hits your skin which is the whole process
of how you become hair free. The hair follicles absorb the light and it turns into heat. This is
where the science of this procedure takes place.

When the heat disables the hair follicles that is when the procedure is complete and the final step of a laser hair removal treatment. After that, you're hair free!


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We Treat All Areas of the Body Except Around the Eyes. Most Common Areas Treated Vary by Gender. What Areas Can Be Treated in Laser Hair Removal?

Most Common Areas for Laser Hair Removal
Woman typically get laser hair removal done on there:
- Underarms
- Chin
- Upper Lip
- Bikini

Most Common Areas for Laser Hair Removal
Typically Men usually get laser hair removal done on:
- Back
- Shoulders
- Chest
- Back of Neck