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Let us Solve All your Hair Needs with our Expert Hairstylists Haircuts for Everyone

We provide haircuts for your mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, you name it. We can do it.

We've got you covered with all your hair problems. We can give you a quick trim, a full haircut, or even if you just want your bangs trimmed. Never have a bad hair day with us!

Yes! We cut men’s hair! We got you covered from blowouts to tape ups or even if you just need a quick trim. Let our hair professionals bring out the suave in you.

If you’re looking for a good style the fringe is for you. Bangs, also called a fringe, are a shaped cutting of the front part of the hair so that it lies over the forehead. Bangs are usually cut fairly straight at or above the eyebrows, but it can also be ragged or ruffled, spiked up with hair gel, mousse or wax, swept to one side or the other, or cut longer to fall over the eyes.

We can work with almost any hair situation. Here are just some of our most popular styles. Styles



A professional Blowout is very different than blow drying your hair at home or your hairdresser drying it quickly after your cut. A Blowout is a much more thorough blow-dry for your hair. It is styled with extreme attention to each section of your hair to ensure the smoothest and shiniest finish your hair can get.

Flat Iron

If you have unwanted curls and want your hair to be straightened this is the service for you. Our hair specialist will ensure that your taken care of and that your hair is as straight as a line. This is a low cost, but high rewarding service to straighten ones hair.

Flat Iron


The opposite of our flat iron serve. With Curls, our professionals will make sure that you have the right curls for you, whether its a first date, lunch with your friend, or you want to just look good. Let us take care of you so you have more perfect curls than Goldilocks herself!


With this salon service at Laser Center of Orlando; an up-do is any style that is securely pinned off the neck and can include complex curl patterns and specific placing of hair to obtain many beautiful looks. Up-do’s are typically done for more formal events, weddings, bridal parties, holiday and business events.



Whether you’re looking for a retouch, some highlights, or maybe a whole new color style. We got you covered.

When hair has been colored using hair dye, the roots tend to be the first thing that shows. This is because your natural hair is growing back, which offsets the color of the hair you previously dyed. A root touch up will color that small portion of hair. This way your hair color lasts longer.

With our professional hair stylists and salon area, we can fully color your hair to the color desired. Whether you want to make it more autumn brown, bleach blonde, or if you’re feeling spontaneous purple. The point is we are the experts and we can give you whatever color you desire.

A partial highlight is literally a highlight service that applies highlights to a portion of your head. Highlights are placed, typically, in only the mohawk section of your head, although some stylists consider a partial highlight to be the top half or the top and side sections of your head.

It’s really up to the stylist's discretion based on the look you’re going for if a partial highlight is a service you want.

A full highlight involves highlighting hair in every part of the hair from the nape of your neck to the hairline in your fringe & everywhere in between.

Full highlights can be very strong in nature allowing for someone that was once a brunette to become a beach blonde, or they can be very designed to only slightly lighten all of your hair.

Whenever you are working with trying to change the previous color of your hair, you are getting into color correction work. Sometimes this could take multiple sessions. It’s difficult to determine the price of the service without seeing you in person, so a consultation is always necessary to figure out what needs to be done to achieve the color you desire.


Have your hair feeling silky smooth with these services we offer.

Deep conditioning adds moisture back into the hair that is removed by daily activities and some styling products. This happens during the winter from hats and scarves and during summer from sun and wind. We use these treatments to make your dry or damaged hair feeling smooth and healthy looking. It restores moisture and prevents further problems.

With this service, you get the professional treatment that makes your dry or damaged hair smooth and healthy looking and the restoration of moisture to prevent further problems. On top of that, you get one of our salon services the blowout that will make your hair looking 2x as better compared to just doing the services individually.

Artificial hair integrations, more commonly known as hair extensions, add length and/or fullness to human hair. Hair extensions are methods of lengthening one’s hair by incorporating artificial hair. Our experts will help you find one that fits your style.

GK Taming System

The GKhair Hair Taming System with Juvexin formulas are professional in-salon treatments that penetrate the cuticle to improve texture, enhance manageability and reduce frizz for 3-5 months. Maintain the treatment results with the continued use of our Juvexin-based after-care products. This will definitely keep your hair looking the best that it can.


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Makeup Our experts know makeup, from contouring to eyelashes


• Eyes

• Eyebrows

• Face Contouring

• Lips

• False Lash Application

We offer you the best services for the best prices. Prices

Women's Haircut
$ 40
We’ll make your hair perfect ladies
$ 25
For that silky smooth hair
Root Retouch
$ 60
Add some color to your roots
Men's Haircut
$ 25
From fades to blowouts and more
Flat Iron
$ 25
Hair straightening needs
Full Color
$ 85
Get full color for your hair
$ 25
We have a love for styling bangs
$ 25
For luscious looking curls
Partial Highlights
$ 75
Just a splash of color!